Bi-O Block 95

The New Certified Organic Preservative Against Bacteria, Mold, and Yeast

Bi-O Block 95: Certified Organic Preservative

  • Bi-O Block 95 is a certified organic product that Allyson Enterprises sources and distributes throughout the world.
  • This Certified Organic Preservative is proven effective and sold in one of the largest supermarket chains across the country.
  • Bi-O Block 95, a derivative of the Japanese honeysuckle flower, is effective against Gram-positive and negative bacteria in an aqueous-based composition.
Organic Alternative to Synthetic Preservatives
Paraben-free and Formaldehyde-free: Broad pH Range Compatibility
Excellent Antimicrobial Activity on Fungi, Bacteria, and Yeast
Minimal Odor and Coloration

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