Certified Organic Citric Acid for Custom Flavors

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USDA Certified Organic. Non-GMO Sources. Food-Safe.

About Certified Organic Citric Acid for Custom Flavors

Allyson Enterprises Certified Organic Citric Acid helps you create unique flavors and extracts for your organic food products.

Also known as sour salt, it’s a white, odorless crystalline grain readily available with a three-year shelf life. We use non-GMO sugar sources to extract our Certified Organic Citric acid that deepens flavors and extracts without having an overpowering taste on its own.

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How Our Citric Acid is Made

Our non-GMO sugar sources are fermented with Aspergillus niger to extract citric acid. It is then mixed with calcium hydroxide and then sulfuric acid. Adding pure water dilutes this thick solution, which is then filtered and precipitated into our Certified Organic Citric Acid.

Create New Flavors with Our Certified Organic Citric Acid

Adds Sourness without Adding More Liquid

Prevents making flavors and extracts runny while adding tanginess.

Dependable pH

Has a constant pH of 3-6 levels than citric fruits with varying degrees of sourness depending on numerous factors.

Harmonizes with its Neutral Sour Flavor

Counteracts bitterness and adds tanginess to foods and beverages without an overpowering distinct taste like vinegar or lemon.

No Gritty Consistency

Blends well into mixtures without a gritty mouthfeel in doughs, butter, cheeses, and more.

Sour Additive that’s Affordable

Readily affordable and available than exported sour additives.

Other Uses for Our Certified Organic Citric Acid

Vegan Baking

Effective leavener as an alternative to eggs and buttermilk.

Ice Cream Emulsifier

Aside from preventing the crystallization in ice cream sauces, it is also an excellent emulsifier for ice cream in substitution with lemon juice.

Food Directing

Prevents browning of dishes made of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Canning and Jamming Preservation

Adds acidity and prevents bacterial growth without adding more liquid content. 

Taste No-Salt Foods

Adds appetizing tastes to foods and dishes for low-sodium diets. 

Curdle Milk with No Lemon or Vinegar Taste

Make soft cheese like paneer and ricotta.

Create Unique Flavors with Certified Organic Citric Acid!

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