Butylene Glycol

Naturally Derived from Sugarcane. Compliant with China Quality Standards.

100% Natural. High Performance. High Sustainability.

Allyson Enterprises’ Butylene Glycol is derived naturally from sugarcane. It meets all quality standards of China for overall effectiveness and boosts the penetration of other ingredients.

Butylene Glycol is colorless and soluble in water when combined with two (OH) alcohol groups and four carbon atoms. This organic substance is a diol or alcohol with two hydroxyl groups within its molecule.

  • Harmonize products into effective formulas
  • Preserve organic products to last longer
  • Create skin-gliding smoothness for a better product experience
  • 99.5-100% for optimal product advantage
  • Protect your product’s natural integrity
  • No more harsher ingredients in your products
  • Cut costs with a multi-functional ingredient
  • Give a cool and refreshing effect to your products
  • Endow the extra benefit of a smooth and supple skin

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