Locust Bean Gum

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Locust Bean Gum

Carob Gum (Locust Bean Gum) is used in hair and skin care gels and creams. Its thickening properties make it an effective viscosity adjuster alone. Also, when used with other hydrocolloids, it becomes an emulsion stabilizer. Our product is certified organic and non-GMO.

Heat and mechanical abrasion extract the Ceratonia siliqua gum or carob gum. Its color ranges from white to pale yellow with an astringent aroma and a powdery texture.

Locust bean gum’s thickening and skin-friendly properties make it a highly effective viscosity adjuster when used alone. However, in combination with other hydrocolloids, such as xanthan gum or agar, it becomes an emulsion stabilizer. In addition, the synergy with kappa carrageenan also reinforces the carrageenan gels by preventing syneresis.

It’s a thickener, a texture modifier, and a stabilizer gel strengthener in gels, creams, and lotions. Due to these properties, they are anti-aging, moisturizing, and smoothing agents.

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